Rachel Wood
Stamps Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2022
Austin, TX
High School
Hyde Park High School

My heart is happiest with family and friends doing the things that I love:  serving, teaching, learning, growing my faith, cheerleading, and being on and near the water.  These passions have shaped who I am, and what I hope for in the future. A big part of my story begins seven years ago in a small community in Abaco, Bahamas. As a long time vacation spot for my family, never in my wildest dreams did I think that this place would give me the opportunity to start a nonprofit empowering children-in-need on the island, with education and mentorship. My family and I have worked to form strong relationships with these kids.  Our nonprofit offers a sponsorship program focused on education and meeting basic needs, and mission trips give others in the Austin area to participate in our work.  Volunteering at the local school led me to my future career as an educator.  After spending one day in the classroom I realized I am passionate about changing the lives of young children through education and love.  Career and serving are just a part of my story.  Cheer has given me confidence, being active outdoors keeps me going, Young Life and staying involved in my faith keeps me grounded, and being in the ocean reminds me of how little I know about the world we live in.  My hope is to continue changing lives through serving and education, and to share my passions to create service opportunities for the different communities I’m involved in at The University of Texas.  

General Education

Other Academic Interests
Minor in Spanish

Extracurricular Activities
Texas Co-ed Cheer Team, Chi Omega Sorority (Philanthropy Chair), Austin Serving Abaco Non-Profit, YoungLife

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program? As I sent in college applications, most of the scholarships I applied for were solely monetary, based on achievements from high school.  The Forty Acres Scholar Program is the only one that offered community, mentorship, leadership and enrichment opportunities.  There is an incredible community within the cohort of scholars who are passionate, driven and involved.  The access to successful alumni who are eager to mentor is an invaluable resource, and   opportunities for leadership are built into the program.  The encouragement and support to go abroad will allow me to develop my passion for Spanish and immersion in different cultures.  The doors this program will open for me personally are unrivaled by any other group or scholarship on campus.  I am so thankful to have been chosen to be a part of such a prestigious group.  Without question, it was the Forty Acres Scholar Program that made my choice to stay in Texas an easy one.