Phillip Boltan
Stamps Forty Acres Scholarship, supported by the Cockrell School of Engineering
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2022
Flower Mound, TX
High School
Flower Mound High School

As a child, the world around me constantly captivated me and inspired questions, and I found delight in having my questions answered, always striving to learn more. This state of mind, always inquisitive and wondering, fuels my ceaseless drive to learn and broaden myself as an individual. Since the fifth grade, I have participated in countless math contests, engineering challenges, and science fair competitions. My initial appreciation for chemistry was sparked by the field’s constant sense of discovery. Observing the key foundations of life on a molecular scale with my own eyes is like glimpsing into a whole new world. My unquenchable curiosity and inventive imagination led me to pursue further research in chemistry, ultimately resulting in achieving third and second place at the ExxonMobil Science and Engineering Fair and becoming a Broadcom MASTERS national semifinalist. My passion for conducting chemical research was fully realized after working with a PhD Polymer Scientist and ExxonMobil Chemical Engineer on developing the sixth version of the Polymer Engineering Encyclopedia with Applications in Rubber Compounding and Tire Design. My memorable experiences as a Team Captain, Club Treasurer, and Club Leader of my high school’s robotics club greatly impacted my identity and passion for engineering. Thinking creatively, working collaboratively and pushing technological boundaries alongside other passionate students expands my perspectives and motivates me to succeed both in and outside the classroom. My hands-on leadership experience solidified my teamwork and problem solving skills and taught me my goal as a successful leader is always the same; to give each individual the opportunity to experience the same fun, instructive and impactful journey that has changed my life forever. As I transition into the diverse, professional, and prestigious environment of the Cockrell School of Engineering Honors Program as a Forty Acres Scholar, I aim to further develop myself while having a lasting impact on my peers, university, and the world. I strongly believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives and change situations for the better. By leveraging UT’s innovative environment and partnerships with industry leaders, I aim to become a future leader of the engineering field and improve lives through my own innovative solutions.           

Chemical Engineering

Honors Program
Engineering Honors

Other Academic Interests
Research, Business with focus in Science and Technology Management, Certificate in Computational Science and Engineering

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?  
I was initially drawn to the Forty Acres Scholars Program by its promise of enriching my education and overall college experience, but quickly discovered that was just the beginning of what the program had to offer. From my first impressions during Finalist Weekend, I greatly admired how the program embraces the value of connections among fellow scholars and truly creates a tight-knit community of friends. The program’s unique combination of connections with faculty and alumni, extraordinary opportunities for enrichment and personal development, and fostered interactions between highly motivated and passionate scholars makes me confident that being a part of the vibrant, intellectual FASP community at UT will not only shape me into a successful chemical engineer, but also offer me leadership and cultural opportunities that will help me realize my full potential.