Marshall Comeaux
Elizabeth Shatto Massey and John H. Massey Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2022
Dallas, TX
High School
Cistercian Preparatory School

Howdy! My name is Marshall. I am from Dallas, Texas, and have lived there with my parents and younger brother my whole life. An extrovert in every sense of the word, I really enjoy connecting with people and learning from their experiences. As I have grown older, I have felt humbled and grateful for the many blessings that I have received. Because of this, I try to focus much of my time and effort on giving back to the communities around me that have helped me to thrive. In high school, that meant taking on service and leadership positions both at church and in many of the clubs and organizations on campus, as well as taking on jobs like manager for our school’s soccer and baseball teams. In college, I hope to share my love of community by reinforcing the already open and inclusive atmosphere on UT’s campus, either through a role in student government or through the many clubs, faith groups, and activities that I hope to join. When I am not playing with my cat or reading short stories or poetry, you can find me trying new foods, attending athletic events, or playing soccer or trivia with friends. I can’t wait to be a Longhorn this year! 


Business Honors; Plan II Honors

Honors Program:

Business Honors Program; Plan II Honors

Other Academic Interests:

Entrepreneurship, Management Consulting, Poetry

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?

I was drawn to the Forty Acres Scholars Program due to its focus on building community, in addition to offering helpful scholarship funds. Having a group of friends who are interesting and interested right from the beginning of my UT experience means a lot to me and has made the transition from my high school of 40 students per grade to the behemoth of UT much more comfortable. Furthermore, the staff at Texas Exes does a great job of giving personal attention to each individual student, while at the same time nurturing the FASP community as a whole.