Kerry Mackenzie
Waltrip/Texas Exes Fort Worth Chapter Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2022
Fort Worth, TX
High School
Trinity Valley School

Every morning since as long as I can remember, I have sprung awake and opened up a copy of the daily news. At first, I was motivated to do this so I didn’t have to nod awkwardly whenever someone mentioned an event I was unaware of. But somewhere down the line during my daily coffee and newspaper ritual, I became deeply invested in what I read. Reading the news has not only instilled within me interest in and empathy for others, but it has compelled me to want to rewrite our reality for the better. That’s why I’ve always dreamed of becoming involved in government, spending my life learning people’s stories and using them as the foundation on which to build a better nation. In high school, I tried my hand at various elected positions, serving as Student Body Vice President, President of the Junior World Affairs Council, President of Trojan Tutors, and a delegate (and counselor!) at Texas Bluebonnet Girls State. Each position afforded me a glimpse into a unique group of peoples lives, and compelled me to cultivate the skills I needed to serve them. I further grew my passion for public service through the Bank of America Student Leaders program, where I completed a paid internship with a local nonprofit and ventured to Washington, DC to discuss policy with elected officials. Looking forward, there is no better place for me to continue my journey to become the next Leslie Knope than at Texas’s capital in Austin, attending a school with a mission to empower its students to “change the world!” Catch me around the UT Austin campus in constant pursuit of coffee; begging my friends to attend whatever rally,  speaking event, or legislative session is being held; and- of course- reading the news!


Plan II Honors; International Relations and Global Studies; Government

Other Academic Interests:

Economics, Public Policy, Literature

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program?

As a high schooler applying to colleges, I wanted it all. I dreamed of being a part of a diverse, thought provoking student body, but I also craved the fellowship and memories only a tight knit group can provide. I simultaneously desired to roam the globe in search of new experiences and knew I couldn’t go without the culture (or the queso!) of my beloved home state. I wanted a University with first rate professors and faculties, but I didn’t want the price tag or competitive atmosphere that normally comes with such a school. Naturally, this was a hard bill to fit, but the Forty Acres Scholars Program manages to check every box. As a scholar, I have the resources to travel and learn anywhere I wish with the guarantee that I’ll always have a home waiting for me in the Lone Star State. I am afforded access to some of the best professors, caring administrators, and dedicated alumni in the world, but I don’t have to shudder when I check my bank account. Most importantly, I get to enjoy a community of genuine, astute students who are knowledgeable and passionate about a wide array of topics. As a Forty Acres scholar, I truly get the best of both worlds.

Honors Program:

Plan II Honors