Kim, Min
Min Kim
Stamps Forty Acres Scholarship, supported by S. Todd and Diana Maclin
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2021
Austin, TX
High School
Westwood High School

Hi! It’s so awesome to meet you. I think the first thing you should know about me is that I am all over the place, and not just because I’m admittedly somewhat of a disorganized person – which I am working on, by the way. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in the suburbs of Massachusetts, and have proudly been able to call myself an Austinite and Texan for the past 5 years (and counting!). In high school, I was involved in activities ranging from varsity athletics to orchestra to working with ESL students, and now, in college, I’m passionate about topics from energy policy to healthcare and the health professions. This sort of multifaceted-ness is very important to me for two reasons. First, it drove me to find some sort of common ground between everything, which, for me, turned out to be scientific research. Having worked in labs all throughout high school, I’ve realized how pivotal and applicable these discoveries are to every aspect of our lives, whether they concern potentially renewable resources or novel treatments for illnesses. At UT, I hope to further pursue biochemical research because I think the intersection between biology and chemistry is incredibly relevant, flexible, and constantly innovative, regardless of profession. And secondly, having lived in very different places and participated in a variety of organizations, I’ve not only come to thoroughly enjoy working with lots of different people, but also been inspired to have a positive impact that is far-reaching. I believe there are many areas worldwide under severe environmental duress, as well as underprivileged regions that could immensely benefit from access to medical care. This in mind, I currently plan on following the pre-med track with the goal of serving abroad, as well as studying sustainability and becoming an advocate for environmental health on campus and beyond.


Honors Program
Dean’s Scholars

Other Academic Interests 
Energy/Sustainability; Pre-Med/Healthcare; Sociology

Extracurricular Activities
In high school, I was co-concertmaster of the symphony orchestra and a three-year All-State violinist, varsity cross-country runner, and captain of the Science Olympiad team. I’ve also participated in research projects regarding synthesis of industrial mesoporous silica catalysts, plant and bacterial gene expression, and ant neurobiology in relation to Fermat’s principle at UT Austin and UT Dallas. As a freshman in college, I’ve joined the Texas Running club team, Global Medical Missions Alliance, Campus Environmental Center, and the Crossroads campus ministry. I’ll also begin researching DNA damage, repair, and mutagenesis under Dr. Seongmin Lee in the Lee Lab. My goal for freshman year is to be very active and involved on campus and in the organizations I join!

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
The people, for sure. Every scholar is so talented, driven, passionate, and unique in their perspectives and interests, and I was blown away by their stories and achievements. And beyond that, they are some of the kindest and most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met! To be able to bond and collaborate and share ideas with the most talented students in the entire country, for me, was (and still very much is) thrilling and inspiring. Furthermore, the UT alumni we are connected to not only are extremely diverse and accomplished, but they also sincerely care about and are invested in our college education, experience, and growth. Whether it be through notifying us of internship or research-abroad opportunities or attending our high school senior awards night, the involvement and outreach of UT’s extensive alumni really meant a lot and was important to me. In short, the Forty Acres Scholars community, from current scholars to alumni, is very welcoming and close-knit, and constantly motivates and provides opportunities for me to expand my perspectives.