Manjula Andukuri
Manjula Andukuri
Carol and Gary Kelly Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2020
Austin, TX
High School
Westwood High School

Hi! I’m Manjula Andukuri, and I am a 4th Year Chemical Engineering Major from Austin, Texas. As a Chem E, I learned how to persevere, problem solve and think analytically, even when there is not a clear answer in sight. Being on a dance team has taught me time management and people skills and has given me the opportunity to travel across the nation and build my network. My involvement in the UT/Austin Entrepreneurship community has taught me about innovation, risk optimization, and taking advantage of opportunities. During my time at UT, I have been involved in a variety of groups, projects, and student organizations, all tied together by a similar theme: finding distinctive and efficient solutions to a variety of questions.

I feel blessed to have experienced the last four formative, well rounded, and incredibly fun years at UT. It has granted me perspective and life-long friendships and connections. As I start this new chapter, I hope I can give back just as much as UT has given to me.

Chemical Engineering

Other Academic Interests 
Women in Entrepreneurship; The South Asian American Experience

Extracurricular Activities 
Texas Raas; The Genesis Program; Roden Leadership Program; Management Consulting Association; OXE Chemical Engineering Honors Society

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)? 
Growing up in Austin, UT was always on my radar when exploring colleges. Academically, The Cockrell School of Engineering in general, and UT Chemical Engineering specifically, are among the top programs in the nation, and I knew I would be provided a stellar educational experience. Additionally, the fact that UT is a large public school gave me ample opportunities to explore my other passions through student organizations and initiatives – I wasn’t to be forced into the niche profile of “just a Chemical Engineer.” Specifically, what drew me to the Forty Acres Scholars Program is the amazing network of alumni and mentors the program has connected me to, the passion and drive of my fellow scholars to change the world, and the opportunity to explore without boundaries.