Lauren Smith
Mike A. Myers Forty Acres Scholarship 
Marilyn Marshall White Enrichment Award
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2020
Houston, TX
High School
Saint John's School

I am interested in all things human. My Public Relations and Textile and Apparel studies have taught me the value of the intersection between human interest, design, and storytelling. This is where I get to give important stories artistic and creative life so that others may learn, experience, and enjoy them. From planning philanthropic events on behalf of Texas Infinites service organization, to developing social media tactics for Pro-Vision School as a consultant, I like to keep genuine connection at the helm of all I do. In my free time, I do a lot of reading, am learning German on Duolingo, and getting really into Rummikub.

Public Relations

Extracurricular Activities
- Social Media Director (2017-2018), Social Event Director (2018-2019), Philanthropy Chair (Fall 2019), and Sergeant at Arms (Spring 2020) for Texas Infinites Spirit Group
- Dance Team Member with UT Front and Center (Spring 2018-2020) 
- Textiles and Apparel Design Concentration
- Event Host at UT Student Activity Center (Spring 2017- 2020) 
- Communication Consultant at Pro-Vision, Inc. (2018-2019) 
- Intern with Texas Standard Menswear (Spring 2020) 

Study Abroad Experiences:
- Photographic Journalism Maymester in Prague, Czech Republic (Summer 2018)
- SPICE Communication Program in Erfurt, Germany (Summer 2019) 

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
One pinnacle of the Forty Acres Scholars Program is access. Forty Acres Scholars receive many opportunities each year to visit with one of the largest alumni networks in the world, the Texas Exes. Human connection is important to me, and I chose the Forty Acres Scholars Program because the manner and frequency in which it facilitates that connection cannot be rivaled. As a Forty Acres Scholar, I receive the gift of quality relationships with peers, faculty, and alumni that I may have otherwise missed out on. I am grateful to use the Forty Acres Scholars Program as a source of academic assistance, career information, and inspiration every day. From one of my sponsors, Marilyn White, who reaches out to check up on me often, to the alumni who graciously give their time to us at programming events and dinners, FASP members and contributors have allowed me to forge a home here at the Forty Acres in a way I could have never imagined.