Steffi Lee
Steffi Lee
Oldham Family Forty Acres Scholarship
Forty Acres Scholars Class of 2018
Carrollton, TX
High School
R.L. Turner High School

Wanting to start off college with a clean slate, I began my freshman year in the College of Undergraduate Studies with no major. This was absolutely terrifying. However, through the freedom of getting to take whatever class I felt like taking, I discovered my passions and declared my majors: Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies. Once declared, I set out to accomplish more things: I learned French, moved to Paris for 6 months to study at Sciences Po, interned at an art gallery called Women and Their Work, stayed at Buddhist temples in the mountains to learn about East Asian philosophy, and backpacked through Asia for 2 months. Through these experiences and my college career, I’ve become passionate about social issues, especially those regarding gender and race, and I hope this fervor carries into a career dedicated to creating social change.


Philosophy; Women & Gender Studies

Other Academic Interests:

French Minor

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?

What drew me to the Forty Acres Scholars Program were the people. The diversity and generosity of the scholars and alumni have been one of the best parts of the program. It has given us a chance to meet those we never would have been able to cross paths with and create invaluable friends and networks. Forty Acres creates a cohesive group of spirited students that are all so different from one another, and throughout my college career, I’ve come to see that that’s something pretty special.