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Coaching 4 Good is a full-service career transition and career development firm that works with clients across the country to find fulfillment in their careers. Their services include career exploration, branding, resumes, interview preparation, job search strategy and career development. 


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Service Description Recent Grad Texas Exes Member Pricing
(5 Years Out)
General Texas Exes Member Pricing Non-Member Pricing
Career Coaching

50-minute in-person or remote session with certified Career Coach 

Per session price: Single: $155 Package: $140 Per session price: Single: $170 Package: $155 $205 for single sessions
Leadership/Exec Coaching

50-minute in-person or remote session with certified Coach

N/A 10% Discount on any Leadership /Exec Coaching Package  
New Grad – Jump Start Your Career Search 

Choose 3 from the following: resume review, coaching sessions, interview education sessions, mock interview, social media review

$250 New Grad Only N/A  Texas Exes Members Only
Resume Review

Consultation with a Career Coach to critique your current resume

Education on how to create a career summary/profile, determine which skills to include, write the content for each of your positions, format properly and implement keywords

The opportunity to have your updated resume reviewed up to two times

$180 (53% Savings) $275 (27% Savings) $385
Interview Prep

Two 50-minute in-person education sessions on interview techniques and developing ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ statement, CARs, Responding to Difficult Questions, Job Negotiation, etc.

One mock interview based on job description 

$330 (48% Savings) $460 (27% Savings) $635
Social Media Review

Coach conducts review of online content from 3 client-selected platforms (ex. LinkedIn, FB, Twitter)

Client will receive a report with suggestions and comments

$75  $75  Texas Exes Members Only
Resume Writing

Your resume professionally written by a Certified Resume Writer.

Includes: Professionally written resume in three formats (MS Word, ASCII, PDF)

Cover letter (MS Word)

“Thank You” letter template (MS Word)

Reference dossier 

Starts at $445
(10% Savings) 
Starts at $625
(10% Savings)

Starts at $695

All services (except the in-person bootcamp) listed above can be delivered remotely or in-person at our Austin, TX office. If your employer is interested in coaching for employees, please contact us about our corporate/organizational services and pricing. 

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