Katherine Tong, BA ’12, a key player in the fight against food insecurity in Texas during the pandemic.  

Posted February 22, 2021


Katherine Tong, BA ’12, has been a key player in the fight against food insecurity in Texas during the pandemic.  

During the 87th Texas Legislative Session, we’re sharing special alumni stories about Longhorns who stepped up in a time of crisis.  As Economics Partnership Manager for the Houston Food Bank, Tong has seen the level of need in the community dramatically increase. In May of 2020, the organization served 143 percent more households than it did the previous year.  

Through innovation and special partnerships, the Houston Food Bank has remained a lifeline for individuals and families during unprecedented times. In order to quickly scale their operation, and implement a complex, drive-thru system, Tong worked with companies like United Airlines. With their help, the food bank created Neighborhood Super Sites, which can distribute food to 1,500–9,000 vehicles at a time. Participants receive anywhere from 65–100 pounds of food, including produce, frozen meat, dairy, and bread. This assistance helps families focus their income on other critical areas like medicine, utilities, and rent.    

Tong’s tireless work and dedication has helped the food bank meet the moment and increase its impact in the greater Houston are. Born and raised in Houston, Tong’s love for her hometown has been a driving force in her career. 


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