Forty Acres Society

The Forty Acres Society is a special giving club created to offer alumni a way to advance academic excellence at the University of Texas at Austin. With a minimum gift of $1,000 annually, you will become a member of the Forty Acres Society. Your contributions will directly support the enrichment activities of the Forty Acres Scholars Program, including professional development, leadership training, cultural and educational opportunities outside of the classroom, and global experiences.

By giving $1,000 or more, you will join the the esteemed Forty Acres Society or renew your annual membership. 

Click Here to Join or Renew

As a member of the Forty Acres Society, you will:

  • Directly contribute to a student’s scholarship for that academic year
  • Receive exclusive invitations to events throughout the year featuring university faculty and administrators
  • Network with other alumni who share your passion for bringing the best and brightest students to UT
  • Interact with the next generation of leaders, the Forty Acres Scholars
  • Receive exclusive invitations to other UT and Texas Exes events
  • Qualify for a tax deduction

For more information about the Forty Acres Society, please contact:

Candice Young
Phone: (512) 840-5618


Alan Adkisson
Peter Aldea and Patricia Eby
Kendra and Taylor Allen
Katherine and David Andrew
Courtney and Scott Archer
Joan and Doug Aron
Jordan and Conner Atchley
Susan and Bryan Bailey
Martha and Richard Barrera
Staci and Stoney Barton
Natalie and Evan Beattie
Danielle and Daniel Becka
Sheri and Christopher Beggins
Lisa and Marquez Bela
Ian Beliveaux
Laura and Kyndel Bennett
Lauryn and Jason Bloom
Adam Blum
Holly and Jim Bohart
Kara Bolwell
Heather and Kevin Bonfield
Callie and Kyle Bradford
Catherine and Arthur Brass
Jessica and Fred Brazelton
Aly and Brandon Calvo
Vicki Carr and Jose Simpson
Juan J. Castillo, Jr. 
Debbie and Kent Chenevert
Nora and Will Clark
Ashley and George Clark
Kimberly and David Clark
Marjorie Clifton and Eric Greenwald
Kelley Conaty
John Connally IV
Kate and Chris Cooper
Beth and Drew Cozby
Catherine and Edward Crain
Julie and Marc Cuenod
Shannon and Ben De Leon
Jennifer and Edward Doan
Nada and Peter Dorman
Jeff Duchin and Erin Koechel
Kara and James Dudley
Mary and Stephen Dyer
Edward J. Earle
Maudeen and Roy Eccles
Dr. John Edwards
Arden and Scott Ellis
Linda and David Elmer
Tres Evans
Kerry and Michael Fagelman
Iman and James Farrior
Margaret and Bryant Fitts
Susan and Tom Forestier
Julie and Ryan Foster
Lindsay and Will Fox
Anne and John Freeman
Scott H. Freeman
Jenny and Gregory Galbraith
Kerri and Charles Gale
Amelia and Terrell Gates
Julie and Troy Glander
Stacie and Marc Goldman
Kathleen and Christiaan Graf
Jessica and Vean Gregg
Jennifer and Paul Gregory
Alicia and Cuatro Groos
Mary and Carter Groves
Kelly and Ron Groves
Camille and Jorge Guirola
Luann and Jorge Gutierrez
Shannon and James Haddaway
Donoush Haghpeykar
Caroline and Brian Haley
Ashley and Michael Hanna
Jennifer and Randall Harris
Mallory Hatton
Stacey and Richard Heller
Christopher Holcomb
Michelle and Brandon Holcomb
Carrie and Ryan Holcomb
Kathryn and Travis Holloway
Debra Hovnatanian
Ann and John Howard
Karen and Howard Huang
Aynsley and Gerardo Interiano
Rachel and Zack Jamail
Darcy Johnson and David Miller
Pamela Johnson
Katherine and Pat Jones
Emily Jung
Mary Kathryn and Todd Kelly
Alicia and Robert Kimmel
Amy and Steven Krause
Margaret and Michael Larkin
Theresa H. Lee
Jeffrey Lester
Leigh and Jonathan Levy
Maritza and Jeffrey Liaw
Cindy Lo and Scott Francis
Eric Maberry
Emily and Robert MacAskie
Stacey and Ken Malcomson
Sophie and James Mann
Tracy and Jeff Matthews
Jennifer L. Maund
Emily and Kent McGaughy
Deborah Milner
Lauren and Brad Morgan
Carolyn and Gary Mueller
Jennifer and Jimmy Murchison
Tanna and Greg Myers
Mary Scott Nabers
Victoria and Milam Newby
Julie and Wolfgang Niedert
Katie and Jimmy Ogden
Kristi and Michael Oldham
Ashley and Tom Oliver
Tennessee and David Ott
Judith and David Parker
Ashley and Louis Pearce IV
Anne E. Peel
Kimberly and Stephen Perich
Charles J. Plumhoff
Amy Morgan Porter
Lauren and Courtney Powers
Stephanie and Vidal Quevedo
Chelsea and Keshav Rajagopalan
Lisa and Randy Ramirez
Stephanie and Magnus Rayos 
Alyssa and Andy Reese
Jenifer Sarver
Farrell and Stuart Saunders 
Gayle and Fred Saunders
Melanie and Daniel Savitz
Sharon Schweitzer and John Robinson
Ann and Henry Seals
Ashley and Bobby Seals
Leslie and Paul Shaffer
Mimi and Allen Smith
Elizabeth and Jay Smith
Ashley and Stacy Smith
Julianne Srinivasan
Jennifer and Richard Steeg
Laurie and James Stevenson
Jennifer and Mark Stevenson
Rachel and Ragen Stienke
Alexandra and Bobby Stillwell Jr.
Gayle and Jeff Stouffer
Kelly and Michael Stouse
Frederick Stow
Lisa and Brad Thielemann
Kristin Turner
Sally Ann and Clark Varner
Sophie and Andrew Vo
Karen and Patrick Walker
Tessie Watson and Corey Crow
Susan and Tim Weaver
Eric Weiner
Melinda and Dale West
Jonathan Wheless
Eve and Blake Wiley
Zoe Wilson
Candace and John Winslow
Jonathan Worbington
Andi and Jeff Yorio