Network Chair: Austin Dennis

Austin Dennis

Austin grew up in Dallas (yes, he's Austin from Dallas) and moved to Austin (yes, now he's Austin in Austin) in 2004 to attend UT. He majored in Radio/TV/Film with a focus in post-production. While at UT he was involved in restarting the campus' chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and held the positions of Historian and Vice President. He was also a part of the UT Sailing team and volunteered on the production crews for many events on campus. Austin graduated with his BS in 2009.

When he's not working he can be found outdoors on adventures ranging from rock climbing and kayaking to backpacking and endurance events. His partner Wade and their dog Liza can often be found tagging along on these adventures--after all, it's the company you keep that makes the adventure worth it!

Austin is excited to be a part of the Pride Alumni Network and is looking forward to helping with the network's goals of advocacy and relationship building.

Duties of the Network Chair

  1. Lead the officers and committee chairs of the Network
  2. Work with committee chairs to meet their goals throughout the year
  3. Develop strategies for funding the Network scholarship
  4. Recruit new members to the Network
  5. Plan and lead board meetings
  6. Meet with campus and community partners/officials on behalf of the Network
  7. Develop strategies toward achieving long-term Network goals
  8. Adhere to the bylaws of the Network and of Texas Exes
  9. Work closely with the Chair-Elect to keep him/her informed of all aspects of the Network’s activities
  10. Encourage Board members to attend the Chapter and Network Leadership Conference
  11. With the Chair-Elect, oversee the formation of the nominating committee, who will choose the slate of officers to be voted on for the following year
  12. Work with the chair-elect to make sure that all required Network documents are turned in by the June 1st deadline
  13. Identify/secure liaisons for Gender and Sexuality Center, Pride & Equity Faculty Staff Association, and LGBT student organizations