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Members have free, online access to the most comprehensive coverage of local business news and information from major metropolitan cities across the country with American City Business Journals.

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Exclusive Job Prospecting - Since up to 85% percent of jobs are never publicly advertised, job seekers should be on the lookout for every advantage. Each business journal contains local leads that can provide job seekers with the opportunities they need to start or change careers.

Comprehensive Curriculum Supplement - Connect current local business events and trends with basic course principles. Click on a journal name to the left to see the most recent issues.

Quick Research - Quickly and easily conduct comprehensive research on companies, industries and business executives.

User-Friendly - Flip through pages just like you would with a print edition, or jump to a page of your choosing. All with just a click of the mouse.

Eco-Friendly - No paper. No waste. Definitely green. Digital Editions are perfect for people who want to help preserve the environment


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