Hurricane Harvey Relief

More than 100,000 alumni and their families reside in the areas that have been hit especially hard by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. We want them to know they have the support of Longhorn Nation. In the days and weeks ahead, the Texas Exes will be rallying the resources of alumni around the world to help these areas recover.

If you would like to join us in this effort, here’s how you can get involved.

What to do now

Beginning this Saturday, September 2, we’ll be collecting gift cards at our tailgates and whenever the Alumni Center is open. Here is how alumni and friends can participate:

  • Purchase Amazon gift cards or card network gift cards (Visa, Amex, etc.) in whatever amount you are comfortable in giving. Please write the gift card value directly on the gift card or envelope in order to expedite distribution to relief organizations.
  • Giving receptacles will be available at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center during standard business hours or at special events between September 2–December 31, 2017. You can also mail pre-paid gift cards to P.O. Box 7278, Austin, TX 78713.
  • Cards will be distributed to organizations in the affected areas who are responding to this unprecedented crisis.

How we will continue to help

Even as this disaster is still unfolding, we are encouraging our 150 Texas Exes Chapters and Networks to look toward the future and focus their community service efforts to helping Hurricane Harvey recovery and relief efforts. The Texas Exes will update both chapter websites as well as this page as plans unfold.

There is strength in numbers—and we have numbers. Let’s show our neighbors in the Gulf Coast that we have their backs.

Texas! Fight!

More Hurricane Harvey Resources

UT Austin has created a page of resources for students, staff, and faculty who need assistance or want to provide help. Read more