1883 Council

The University of Texas 1883 Council is a Texas Exes-sponsored volunteer organization with the goal of developing future generations of alumni leaders and donors through philanthropy, involvement, and education. Formed in 2006, the council currently has 22 members.


The council supports the Forty Acres Scholars Program—the premier full-ride, merit-based scholarship for the university administered by the Texas Exes. In addition to supporting the Texas Exes through their personal philanthropy, council members engage alumni and friends through the organization’s outreach and fundraising efforts.


Through council meetings and events, members gain access to top university administrators, faculty, and fellow alumni. These interactions help members stay informed about the university’s progress and its challenges. Council members, in turn, work with their communities to strengthen relationships and increase philanthropic giving to support the university’s academic enterprise.


The council holds fall and spring meetings in Austin to further educate members about the university’s programs and resources. Additionally, each member has the opportunity to participate in an advisory council and report back on the initiatives of a specific college or unit.


Members are eligible after one year of membership in the Forty Acres Society, and are appointed by the Texas Exes President. Council Members receive an automatic appointment to the Texas Exes Council for the length of their term. Nominees can be recommended by current and former council members, university staff, alumni, friends, or by self-identification. To be considered for membership, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated involvement with the university and the Texas Exes
  • Demonstrated giving to the academic enterprise of the university and the Forty Acres Scholars Program


  • Serve a full three-year term. After your council term has ended, you are encouraged to maintain your membership in the Forty Acres Society, and can be nominated to rejoin the council after one year.
  • Attend at least one meeting during each year of your membership term.
  • Attend at least one advisory council meeting. Advisory council membership is optional. However, if you choose to participate, attendance is required at one meeting per academic year.
  • Give a minimum of $5,000 during your term, $1,000 annually to the Forty Acres Scholars Program, and $2,000 to the Texas Exes or any other unit or college on campus. This $2,000 requirement must be completed or pledged by the beginning of the final year of your term.
  • Host or co-host at least one regional event during your term.
  • Attend at least one regional event a year and bring 3-5 prospective Forty Acres Society members.
  • Advocate for the university and connect the Texas Exes staff with peers, colleagues, and friends who want to do the same.

For more information please contact Daniel Becka: 512.840.5662


Current Members

David Andrew
Susie Bailey
Marquez Bela
Heather Bonfield
Callie Bradford
Aly Calvo
Chris Cooper
Jeff Duchin
Kara Dudley
John Edwards
Julie Foster
Carter Groves
Brian Haley
Gerardo Interiano
Rachel Jamail
Robert Kimmel
Jonathan Levy
Rob MacAskie
Stacey Malcolmson
Milam Newby
Wolfgang Niedert
James Ogden
Clark Varner
Andrew Vo
Dale West
Blake Wiley
Jonathan Worbington