Wilkommen, y’all! We are the Germany Chapter of the The Ex-Student’s Association of the University of Texas (Texas Exes).

From Munich to Hamburg, from Berlin to Frankfurt, and everywhere in between, we are dedicated to staying connected with our alma mater, growing our presence in the global Texas Exes network, and changing our part of the world with our world-class education from the University of Texas.

With the help of local volunteers, we organize Thirsty Thursdays twice a year across the country, an annual national Texas Independence Day celebration, and our first-ever table at Oktoberfest 2019 in Munich! Additionally, we are working with the German Department in the College of Liberal Arts to support their Study Abroad students in Würzburg and to develop a paid internship program with companies in Germany for UT students.

We are a chapter of UT’s official alumni association, the Texas Exes®, whose mission is to praise, promote, and protect UT Austin and its students; and to unite, inform, and involve Texas Exes members and potential members in the support of UT in particular and of education in general.

Non-Members and friends of UT are always welcome at our events, but we hope that everyone will consider joining. It wouldn’t be Texas without the Exes ... and not all our Exes live in Texas!!


You can always find out what’s happening on our Events page.

If you’d like to receive our quarterly emails, please update your information with the Texas Exes.

To get in touch with your local chapter please contact the Chapter Leader, Lisa Wiedmann and make sure to join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups!