Nominate for DAA & OYTEX


  1. Be distinguished in his or her chosen business, profession or life's work and must have received some previous recognition from contemporaries.
  2. Be a person of such integrity, stature, demonstrated ability and renown that the faculty, staff, students and alumni of The University will take pride in, and be inspired by, his or her recognition.
  3. Have demonstrated a continuing interest in the University of Texas at Austin and in The Texas Exes and must have contributed time, talent or money to one or more programs.
  4. In deed or action, reflects and recognizes the importance of his or her education at the University, who demonstrates pride in our alma mater, and whose interest and loyalty are evident.
  5. For the Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award, a nominee must be 39 or younger on January 1 of the year in which the award is presented.


Nominations are always accepted, but the deadline for consideration in the coming year is November 1.