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Initiated in 1979, the Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award recognizes Texas Exes age 39 and younger who have made significant achievements in their careers and service to the university. To be eligible, a nominee must be 39 or younger on Jan. 1 of the year in which the award is presented. 

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2019 Recipients

Rush Bartlett, BS ’08, Life Member

Rush Bartlett, BS ’08, Life Member, is the Global Vice President for Innovation at Lansinoh Laboratories and the Associate Director of Corporate Education at Stanford University’s Byers Center for Biodesign. He has founded several medical technology companies including Awair Inc (acquired) and Vynca Health (venture backed) and is an accomplished inventor with 15 issued patents. Bartlett also co-created Primo Lacto, a device to help mothers feed their premature infants. While he was studying Chemical Engineering as an undergraduate, Bartlett was a Camp Texas counselor and a saxophone player in the Longhorn Band. He has performed with the Longhorn Alumni Band at every Alumni Band game since graduating, the 2015 London New Year’s Parade, and the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy France in 2019.

Kevin Curry, BBA, BA ’05, Life Member

Kevin Curry, BBA, BA ’05, Life Member, is the founder of Fit Men Cook, an online community that inspires men and women to eat healthy and stay fit with over two million followers around the world. He is one of the most sought-after influencers in nutrition, fitness, health, and wellness. Curry's first cookbook Fit Men Cook: 100+ Meal Prep Recipes for Men and Women – Always #HealthyAF, Never Boring immediately went to the top of Amazon’s fitness category. He has been featured in Forbes, Men’s Health, SELF, Shape Magazine and appeared on Live! with Kelly and Ryan, Rachael Ray Show, and TODAY. Curry double majored in Business Honors and Spanish at UT Austin and has a master's degree from Harvard University.

Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt, JD ’05, Life Member

Renee Rodriguez-Betancourt, JD ’05, Life Member, is the 449th District Court Judge of Hidalgo County and the youngest in the Texas Judicial Branch. She is an RGV native, who, as a practicing attorney, successfully handled federal and state criminal cases. She served as legal counsel to a multitude of Rio Grande Valley School Districts. The 449th is a juvenile law court, handling juvenile offenders from the ages of 10 through 16. During her time on the bench, Betancourt has been committed to rehabilitating juveniles and getting them back to being productive citizens of the community. She also ensures the safety of the public. She serves on two committees for the National Council of Juvenile Family Court Judges. Recently, she was appointed to the 2019 Supreme Court of Texas Children’s Commission Dual Task Force and is a member of Texas Bar Foundation.

April Underwood, BBA ’01, Life Member

April Underwood, BBA ’01, Life Member, is a founding partner of the angel investing collective #Angels and a member of the board of directors for Zillow Group. Until 2019, Underwood was Chief Product Officer at Slack Technologies, Inc., a cloud-based software company that builds professional collaboration tools. Prior to joining Slack, Underwood was director of product at Twitter from 2010 to 2015. Previously, she has held product, partnerships, and engineering roles at Google, Travelocity, and Intel. At UT she majored in Management Information Systems and Business Honors and she went on to get her MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.


Past Recipients


Michelle Carter, BS ’07, Life Member

Leon Chen, BBA ’01, Life Member,

Rosa Flores, BBA, MPA ’01, BJ ’05, Life Member

Bryan Jones, BS ’00, JD, MBA ’05, Life Member


Amy Chozick, BA ’01

Sarang N. Desai, BBA ’01, Life Member

Daniel Hodge, JD '04

The Honorable Oscar Lee Longoria Jr., BS ’03, JD '07, Life Member


The Honorable George P. Bush, JD ’03, Life Member

Andrea Chavez, BS ’04

Kevin Durant, ’07

Lisa Falkenberg, BJ ’00

Dan Graham, BA, BS ’03, JD ’05, Life Member


Jamie V. Stockwell, BJ 1999

Jake Silverstein, MFA 2006

Kedra Ishop, BA 1997, ME 2000, PhD 2008

Muhammad Mustafa Hussain, MS 2004, PhD 2005


Alexander Eastman, BA 1996

Shea Morenz, BBA 1997

Catherine "Cat" Osterman, BA 2007

Jeffrey Tsai, BA 1997

Carlos Zaffirini, Jr., BBA 2003, JD 2006


Stuart Bernstein, BA 1999, MBA 2005

Madhu Chugh, BA 1998, BJ 1998

John B. Connally, IV, JD 1997

Andrew Phong Vo, BBA 1995


Lee Bagan, BA 2005, MA 2007

Ben De Leon, BA 2001, BS 2001, JD 2004

Richard J. "Rich" Reddick, BA 1995

Laura Wilkinson, BS 2001


Craig Allen, BS 2003, BA 2003

Daron K. Roberts, BA 2001

Veronica Vargas Stidvent, BA 1996

Shaarik H. Zafar, BA 1997


Sarah Aubrey, JD 1998 

Robert Hamilton, MPA 2002, JD 2002

Jake Margo, BA 1997 

Sanya Richards-Ross, Attended UT 2002-2005


Israel Hernandez, BA 1998 English and Spanish, JD 2001 

Billy Ray Hunter, BM 1997 

Aurora Lora, BA 2000 

Spencer Wells, BS 1988 


Christina Joy Allen, BA 1998 English & Spanish, JD 2001

Michael G. Appleman, BA 1990 Plan II Honors Program, JD 1993

Timothy Price Crain, II, BS 1995, MS 1999, PhD 2000 

Betty Nguyen, BJ 1995


Dennis L. McWilliams, BS 1993 

John B. Moore, Jr., BS 1990 

Kristen L. Silverberg, JD 1996 

Gayle Stinson, BS 1991


Mary Dunleavy, MM 1990 

Alisa Manning Peppers, BA 1990

Dina Habib Powell, BA 1995 

LCDR John Mason Ward, BS 1992


Ray Almgren, BS 1987 

Shola Lynch, BA 1992 

Scott McClellan, BA 1991 

Stephanie Wilson, MS 1992


Jordan Levin, BS in Radio-Television-Film 1989 

John Rando, BA 1983 

Lynn Marie (Fox) Utter, BBA 1984 

James A Wilson Jr PhD, BS in Education 1984


Lisa Beyer, BJ 1983

Jack Furst, MBA 1984

Duy-Loan T Le, BS 1982

Arthel Helena Neville, BJ 1986


Craig Edward Dykers, B.ARCH 1985

Dr. Fred Farias III, BS 1980

Machree Garrett Gibson, BA 1982; JD 1991

Del Williams, BA 1983, JD 1985


Hans and Torrey Butzer, B.ARCH 1990

Mr. Ken Capps, BJ 1982

Mr. Paul Hobby, JD 1985

Ms. Sonia Perez, BJ 1978


Ms. Christina Melton Crain, BA 1988

Mr. Pat Frost, MBA 1984, Business

Mr. Justin Leonard, BBA 1994

Ms. Sara Alicia Martinez Tucker, BJ 1976, MBA 1979


Mr. John B. Beckworth, BA 1980

Ms. C. Kim Goodwin, MA 1987, MBA 1987

Dr. Charles D. Fraser, Jr., BA 1980

Mr. Robert A. Rodriguez, Attended, 1986-1991


Mr. William D. Dorland, BS 1988

Mr. Bryan Garner, BA 1980, Liberal Arts, JD 1984

Ms. Jill Ann Sterkel, BS 1984

Mr. Darren Walker, BS 1982, BA 1982, JD 1986


Dr. John H. Calhoon, NON 1975-78

Mr. Josh Davis, BS 1997

Captain Jeannie M. Flynn, BS 1990

Mr. Matthew D. McConaughey, BA 1993


Justice Greg Abbott, BBA 1981

Ms. Marcia Gay Harden, BA 1980 

Mr. Jerry Junkin, BM 1978, MM 1979

Mayor Ron Kirk, JD 1979


Mr. Gary Cunningham, B.ARCH 1976

Mr. Gilbert A. Herrera, BBA, 1978

Mrs. Terry Huffington, MA 1981

Ms. Kara Spears Hultgreen (deceased), BS 1987

Dr. Michael Pirrung, BA 1975


Mr. Paul Edward Begala, BA 1983

Ms. Carolyn Frost Keenan, BS 1976

Dr. Dean Ornish, BA 1975

Mr. Rodney F. Witcher, BES 1975


Captain Michael A. Baker, BS 1975

Congressman Henry Bonilla, BJ 1976

Dr. Margaret Ann Nosek, MA 1982

Mr. Robert Schenkkan, BA 1975


Mr. Steve N. Barton, NON 1972

Ms. Lucy Crow Billingsley, BBA 1971

Mr. Preston "Pete" Geren, BA 1974

Mrs. Elizabeth Blanton Wareing, BA 1973


Dr. Robert A. Brown, BS 1973

Mr. Michael Dell, NON 1983-84

Ms. Lena Guerrero, BJ 1993

Mr. Robert A. Mosbacher, Jr., NON 1969-71


Mr. J. Tim Arnoult, Jr., BA 1971

Ms. Catherine J. Crier, BA 1975

Mrs. Cathy Alleman Mincberg, BS 1974

Ms. DeMetris A. Sampson, BBA 1977


Mr. Scott J. Atlas, JD 1975

The Honorable Tony Garza, 1980 BBA 

Mr. Ben Sargent, BJ 1970

Dr. Michael S. Sweeney, BA 1973


Mr. Richard Moore Archer, B.Arch 1979

Mr. Roger Clemens, NON 1978-81

Dr. William John Koros, BS 1969

Mr. Jeff B. Love, JD 1976


Dr. Betty Sue Flowers

Dr. Juliet Villarreal Garcia, PhD 1976

Judge Cyndi Taylor Krier, BJ 1971

Dr. Richard Warren Smalling, BS 1970


Mr. John A. Adkins, BA 1973

The Honorable Steve Bartlett, BA 1971

Mrs. Karen Elliott House, BJ 1970

Ms. Trisha Wilson, BS 1969


Dr. W. Howard Beasley III (deceased), MBA 1969

Mr. Earl Campbell, BS 1979

Judge Ricardo H. Hinojosa, BA 1972

Mr. Charles S. Teeple IV, BBA 1966


Mr. Peter R. Coneway, BBA 1966

Mr. Jim N. Heath, BBA 1964

Mr. Robert F. Parker, BBA 1965

Mr. Michael A. Zinberg, BS 1977


Mr. Bill Heiligbrodt, BBA 1963

Mrs. Prudence M. Mackintosh, BA 1966

Mr. Patrick C. Oxford, BBA 1966, JD 1967

Mr. Ronald G. Steinhart, BBA 1962, MBA 1963


Mr. Ernest Harris Cockrell, BES 1967

Mr. Ben D. Crenshaw, 1970

Mr. Jon Newton, BA 1963

Mr. Joe C. Thompson, Jr., BBA 1962


Mr. Carnegie H. Mims, BA 1968, JD 1971

Ms. Margaret Ann Rochs, BA 1970

Mr. Tieman Dippel, Jr., BBA 1968, JD 1971