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Powered by Google, this service provides alumni with a UT branded email address for life, up to 25 GB of storage space, and an easy-to-use sign up process - at no cost.

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We have upgraded our email forwarding service as of Wednesday, October 29, 2014.  It was replaced with a new permanent UTmail account. UTmail, powered by Google, provides you with a larger 30GB mailbox and a “” email address. 

Beginning last Wednesday, October 29th, 2014, mail sent to your address began being delivered to your new permanent UTmail account. 
NOTE–emails to your address have not been lost, but you must log in to UTmail to access them.


Please follow these steps to access your new account:

·         If you do not know your EID and Password click here for the instructions on how to set up and access your UTmail account.

·         If you do know your EID and password click here for instructions on how to set your UTmail password and login to your new permanent account.

·         Once you've accessed the Account Management Tool and set a password for UTmail, you can use your new email address and password to log into your mailbox here.

If you would prefer your alumni email be delivered to another address, please follow the instructions at this link to set up forwarding from UTmail.

If you already have an UTmail account and would like to merge the two, you can find instructions here.

For help and technical support, please visit the UTmail Help & Support page and/or contact the UT Help Desk at 1-866-657-9400 or via email at




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