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Special Note: UT Advocates are intently focused on securing state investment in the renovation of Welch Hall. As the legislative session has reached the halfway point, it's important that alumni are engaged in the process and helping move the conversation forward about the funding request. Welch Hall provides space for 10,000 students daily, and the faculty working in this building generated $12 million in research awards in 2013-14. These renovations will allow for curricula not currently feasible with outdated equipment and will keep UT competitive in recruiting faculty. Learn more

To join with other alumni and help move this initiative forward, follow the link below to become a UT Advocate today.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Texas Exes and the UT Advocates work to organize, inform, and mobilize alumni and friends of The University of Texas at Austin. We strive to create a culture in which the power we have as individual citizens and alumni can be multiplied through collective effort to benefit the University we all support.

As UT Advocates, we are working to stay well-informed on the issues that UT-Austin is facing in the public arena, and to prepare ourselves to take action in support of the University when called upon. We stand united to keep The University of Texas at Austin a university of the first class.

Our advocacy efforts are focused on preparing alumni to communicate with decision makers on issues that directly affect the University, and developing a culture of intentionality to build relationships with decision makers back at home, where it counts.

What You Can Do

  1. Stay informed: Sign up to receive weekly updates from the UT Advocates. Or take it a step further and become a UT Advocate.

  2. Register to vote. There’s no greater way to participate in the process than helping select the people who make the decisions.

  3. Become familiar with your elected officials. Who represents you?

  4. Participate in advocacy activities through your local chapter. If you don’t currently have an advocacy chair, ask your chapter president about creating one.

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